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I have created a unique boot camp experience for everyone. My boot camps will give you a dynamic workout to improve your cardiovascular systemmuscle endurancestrength and spirit. During my Boot Camp, you will challenge your body to overcome difficult feats of exercise. Each boot camp will be different every time confusing body leading to ultimate body changes that you will love.

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Location & Schedule

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near 6920 Via Lago Ln, Orlando, FL 32835

classes are held outdoors on a field near the water in metrowest behind habeneros


Orlando, FL 32835


  • Monday-Friday: 7:00 PM – Metrowest field
  • Cost

    Package Total Payments Expiration
    Month to Month $140
    3 Months $375 or 3 payments of $125 After 3 months you will be billed in a month to month bases
    6 months $690 6 payments of $115 After 6 months you will be billed in a month to month bases

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    Notice: Please be sure to write any injuries or health conditions (in the Your Message area below) I should be aware of before starting your Boot Camp program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kind of shape do I need to be in to participate in Cortiz Boot Camp?
      Cortiz Boot Camps are made for all fitness levels no matter what physical condition you’re in.
    2. How long are Cortiz Boot Camps?
      Around 45 minutes each.
    3. What do I need to bring?
      Appropriate clothing, tons of water; some even bring their own mats.
    4. What are Cortiz Boot Camps like?
      Challenging, fun and rewarding. You’re going to have to sweat and work if you want results. I’ll come up with unique, creative workouts that will be challenging yet fun. Expect the use of kettle bells, sand bags, tires, benches, and yes, sledge hammers. We will also use various exercises such as squats, push-ups, planks and circuit drills to achieve the best and fastest results possible.
    5. How many other people attend Cortiz Boot Camp?
      Honestly I do not like the large groups that occur at many other boot camps. There’s no individual attention which causes bad form and people begin to slack. At Cortiz Boot Camp there will be no more than 8 people per class so I can keep a good eye on everyone.
    6. What kind of results can I expect?
      On average you’ll see your body fat drop by 2.8%. For people looking to lose weight you’ll see an average 5-12 pound weight loss in 12 boot camps. The most important result I’ve seen are people feeling happier and better about themselves.


    1. Show up on time.
    2. Give 110%.
    3. Be prepared for anything.
    4. Wear appropriate clothing – We will be outdoors in a field setting RAIN or SHINE.
      No booty shorts or belly shirts please.
    5. Bring water – you’ll need it!
    6. Commit to yourself AND your goals.
    7. Never give up!
    8. Refer a friend.

    Referral Program

    Any current registered Boot Campers who refer 3 first time Boot Campers who subsequently complete their free trial will receive One (1) Free Boot Camp added on to their current package. For every 3 signees you will receive 3 weeks of Unlimited Boot Camps added to your current package.