Summer Camp


Kids Summer Program:

Cortiz Fitness presents its amazing FIT KIDZ 4 FUN 2017 Summer Camp! Our camp is a dream for every kid.

Participants in our camp will participate in weekly themed activities, various sports of the week, elective classes, arts and crafts, obstacle courses and much more! A good portion of our activities are also done within their separate age groups such as arts and crafts, and team-building group games.

Age Minimum: Campers must be 5 or older starting May 31st, 2017 to attend. An EXCEPTION will be made to 4 year old kids who have completed VPK. Kids from anywhere are allowed to join our camp.

2017 Schedule

* early drop off plans available for $5 (7:15am) (per day)
* late drop off plans available for $5 (5pm) (per day)
* early and late $8 (per day)

Our camp runs both inside and outside during these some of these times

Arrival / Breakfast provided by food service / Free time
* Early drop-off plans available.
Group Games
Activity of the Day

Monday – Gym Games and teamwork games
Tuesday – Dance/singing & Field Day Games
Wednesday – Wacky Sport Wednesday
Thursday – Arts & Crafts

Weekly Sport Activity 1
Snack – Provided by You
Weekly Theme Activity 1
Lunch – Provided by Summer food service program
Healthy Food Learning
Camper Elective Classes – Change Weekly
Weekly Theme Activity 2
Snack – Provided by Camp
Weekly Sport Activity 2
Wrap Up
Parent Pickup

Please Note: Late pickup will result in a fee. Please ask about late pickup options

Weekly Themes

June 5th – 8th


Campers are placed on different countries and compete all week long for points in fun events based off of the summer and winter Olympic games. Each camper will win either a gold, silver, or bronze medal for their country at our closing ceremony on Thursday afternoon. hockey, basketball, weight-lifting (pool noodles) and track and field events are some of the Olympic game highlights!

Sport of the Week: Basketball

June 12th – 15th

It’s a Mystery

Calling all detectives! Collect clues, solve crimes, find long lost artifacts, uncover buried treasure and compete in scavenger hunts in this fun filled week!

Sport of the Week: Volleyball

June 19th – 22nd


Join us for Kids Rock Survivor week. Campers with their tribe will compete in obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, other reward challenges similar to those seen on the hit TV show “Survivor”. Don’t worry, campers will not be voted off the island.

Sport of the Week: Baseball

June 26th – 29th

Wet and Wild Wacky Week

Campers will have a blast participating in wet, wild, and wacky activities like water fights, slip and slide relays, wacky hair day, water balloon toss, and the wild ‘n wacky carnival!

Sport of the Week: Soccer

July 10th – 14th

Our Kidz Have Talent

Its time to show off your childs talent! everyone has a talent and we will discover it. your child chooses, dance, drama, singing or misc to practice thier talent. parents invited final day.

Sport of the Week: Track and Field

July 17th – 20th

Superheroes vs Villans

Kids become their own Superhero by creating, Designing and Acting out their superhero powers all week. Its superheros vs villians in an all week battle of fun activities with this theme kids learn what a real super hero is and should be. Kids will love this week!

Sport of the Week: Kickball

July 24th – 27th


Campers put together a rock band for karaoke, counselors dress up lock rockstars and teach kids what a true rockstar is all about. kIds will rehearse and have their own concert.

Sport of the Week: Team Sport Challenges

July 31st – Aug 3rd

Best of the Best

Kids participate in our own version of the best of the best where kids compete in an all out fun fest of their favorites amoung each other

Sport of the Week: Campers choose thier favorite activities and sports Kids vote and participate on their favorite activities among the whole summer and have a contest.


$25 per child prior to deadline of 5/29
$40 fee per child after 5/29(non-refundable)
Parents are responsible for providing snacks. Breakfast and lunch is provided by the food service program
* Cortiz Fitness may provide some snacks.
June 5th – August 3rd
* Camp breaks from June 30th to July 7th
John Young Elementary School
12550 Marsfield Ave, Orlando FL 32837
Hunters Creek & Surrounding Locations
Monday through Thursday, 8:00am – 4:30pm

Price Details and Options

Full Day Weekly $95 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
1/2 Day Weekly $50 – 8:00am – 12:30pm or 12:30pm – 4:30pm
Half Day Pass $20 – half Day pass – 8:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:30pm
$30 – Full day 1 day pass $30 8:00am-4:30pm
Whole Summer Special $760 Save $95!
Special Offer Receive $10 off each registered sibling full day weekly or $5 off each child for a half day.

Registration and Payment

* Fill out the form below to register your child. Once the form is filled out your card will be charged the registration fee plus first weeks dues unless you’re paying in full.

* Your next payment is charged 1 week in advance before the 2nd selected week your child will be attending.

* All parents/guardians will be emailed the waiver and liability forms. all forms must be completed and signed prior to attending camp.

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