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We're die-hard fitness gurus who can't wait to start working with you.

Welcome to Cortiz Fitness where people experience a great life changing experience. We will provide you with the motivation you need to start a workout program and challenge you to stick to it. Enthusiasm is brought to every session leaving your body craving for more. Most importantly your appearance, health and attitude will all see a positive change. I can guarantee you will meet your goals and find yourself in the best shape of your life.

We strive to provide an opportunity for all ages and sizes. We are looking for people who want it. Who want to earn it but most importantly want to be the best version of themselves. Whether you want to get fit, an athlete looking to kick it up a notch, or just want to be healthier – we can help!

Bonnie Patterson (coach) Photo

Bonnie Patterson (coach)

Coach Bonnie is a Central Florida native, and no stranger to working with kids. As a mother of two and youth mentor for the past 9 years, empowering others is what she considers her life’s work.She is currently pursuing certifications for both health and wellness coach along with personal training.

Hunter Polinski (Coach) Photo

Hunter Polinski (Coach)

Hi, my name is Hunter and I am currently a student at UCF. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and moved here in August for school.
In Cleveland, I worked closely with children in the area of fitness. Originally I worked at an indoor trampoline park for 5 years supervising and having fun with kids of all ages, then I landed another job coaching gymnastics. My personal hobbies include running, biking, and hiking. I usually do one of these every morning to get my day started off on a good foot. Whenever I find time, I’m outside.

Working with Cortiz Fitness blends a lot of my favorite activities and allows me to incorporate those things into teaching and inspiring kids-a very rewarding way to end my day. Orlando is a wonderful city and I really enjoy working with the kids in the OCPS district.” .

Hunter currently coaches at West creek elementary, Stone Lakes elementary, East lake elementary and Baldwin park elementary.

Camila Velez (Coach) Photo

Camila Velez (Coach)

Hi, my name is Camila, I’m a senior at UCF studying sport and exercise science. I am from Orlando, particularly from Orange County so I am very familiar with OCPS. I previously worked with high school and middle school aged children at a club rowing team. There I worked 2 years hand in hand with the head coach, to teach, implement, and practice the sport of rowing. After gaining experience with the older age group, I decided it was time to gain experience with a younger age group, now working with Cortiz fitness, I am able to combine my love for teaching and fitness, to my passion for working with children.

Some of my favorite sports/games to play with the kids include: never ending tag, silent speed ball, and flag football!
Apart from working, during my free time, I love to spend it hanging with close friends and family, whether it’s enjoying a meal together or simply sitting around to talk and enjoy each other’s company. I also enjoy farmers markets and art festivals on the weekend.

Cortiz Fitness, and Fit kidz 4 fun as allowed me to enjoy and learn the joy of working with elementary schools.” .

Bruce Shannon (Seo and Marketing assistent) Photo

Bruce Shannon (Seo and Marketing assistent)

Bruce aka Batman is a dedicated Seo knowledgest who brings his unique creativity to cortiz fitness. He helps assist in Digital and flyer design for cortiz fitness.

Thaisa Mitropoulos (Director of operations and public relations) Photo

Thaisa Mitropoulos (Director of operations and public relations)

Hi My name is Thaisa. I am a trilingual native from Brazil. I currently have a Bachelors degree in International business and marketing from the university of Tampa. In the past I enjoyed volunteering working with kids at summer camps and high schools. I also get to interact with kids being a cast memeber at walt disney world. You may see me at any of the school events or even ocasionally joining in with coaches having fun.

David Shays (Fit Kidz 4 Fun Manager) Photo

David Shays (Fit Kidz 4 Fun Manager)

“Hi my name is David Shays, Manager of Cortiz Fitness: Fit Kidz 4 Fun. I am a graduate from University of Phoenix. Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts.

I have over 9 years of experience coordinating childcare centers and After-school programs across Central Florida, providing academic support and recreation activities for children through ages of kindergarten through 12th graders. I am passionate and driven every single day to manage programs and determine students’ needs and interests, managing the staff, overseeing operations, and building relationships with the community of
our schools.

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling , exploring, photography, working out, playing sports, spending time with family and
cheering on all Boston Professional Teams.”

Christian Ortiz Photo

Christian Ortiz

Founder and Creator

Christian Ortiz has been around sports and fitness since the age of 5. After career-ending surgery suffered through a baseball-related injury, Christian stopped sports and fitness completely. He began to see a dramatic change to his body, ending up out of shape, poorly eating and tired all the time. Seeking a change he set off to learn as much as he could and began his own personal fitness program. Transformed, he has since committed himself to helping others turn their own lives around.

Christian believes anyone can achieve greatness. He test his clients to be a better version of themselves daily. Christian is one of the most creative trainers around and will make you a believer. Utilizing his own proven methods transform hundreds of people from all over. He uses his creativity and a will to connect with each and everyone of you to dig deep and become better.

Not only has he mastered training adults but he also has created the fit kidz 4 fun program for elementary schools. His passion to help kids early before adulthood is a must. He enjoys having fun with the kids and helping them discover their inner selfs.

Qualifications and Specialties

Since 2003, Christian has been a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist through the International Sports Science Association. He has been practicing Mixed Martial Arts Kickboxing since he was 8 years old and is a certified instructor through Empower Training Systems.

Recently Christian worked with Russell Athletic as the lead personal trainer for a set of fitness photo shoots. They featured NFL star athletes Colt McCoy (Redskins), Mark Ingram (Saints) and Pierre Garçon (Redskins).

Christian also specializes in fitness training stroke victims. He also enjoys promotional speaking.

In his spare time he enjoys playing baseball, going to the beach and just relaxing! Christian is married to Alexandria Ortiz and lives with his best friends – three cats and two dogs!