Personal Training

Whether you want to get fit, an athlete looking to kick it up a notch, or just want to be healthier – we can help!

Total Body Training

My personal training program gives you an experience that is priceless! I know what matters most at the end of any personal training program – results.


  • Customized just for you and your body’s needs.
  • Individualized Workout Routines + Video Tutorials.
  • Nutrition Counseling including: Food Logs, Education on Healthier Eating, Individualized Meal Plans, Personal Recipes and Supplements.
  • Mixed Martial Arts Kickboxing training included.
  • 150% of the Best Motivation you will ever have!
  • Included: Organized fitness events are FREE for clients.

I’ll work with you to create a personal training program that will give your body the absolute best it deserves with maximum results! I start by understanding that all bodies are different. With that come different workouts, different eating habits and even different types of motivation. This is why I customize a program for you and your specific needs.

I help you learn about your body and how we, as a team, can achieve the greatest potential your body can attain. In the end you’ll be more complete than you ever have been – mentally, physically and within! So let me take you on the journey to the best health you’ve ever dreamed of!

MMA Kickboxing

MMA Kickboxing


  • Small Group Training Classes w/ Personal Attention
  • Learn both Offensive and Defensive Skills
  • Focus on Proper Technique and Form
  • Great for All Skill Levels! No Experience Needed!
  • One-on-One Enhanced Performance Training Available

Mixed Martial Arts has grown quickly from a curiosity to one of the hottest sports. One thing all of those MMA fighters have in common is their conditioning! These athletes go through intensive conditioning training to get their bodies to where they need to be to compete.

My MMA Kickboxing program is an experience all its own. It involves fun yet intense cardio, core and conditioning for your entire body. Get in great shape while having fun and learning to defend your self!

Sports Conditioning

We'll take your game to the next level.


  • Be Ready For A Sports Event or Tryout.
  • Maintain & Maximize Your Sports Conditioning.
  • Strength, Speed & Agility Training.
  • Go through Mental Exercises & Improve Your Flexibility.

Being an athlete myself I know that performance is based on how hard you’ve worked in the off-season or maintaining during the season! My Sports Conditioning program will have you ready and prepared for your sporting event!

Whether you’re a football player needing speed, agility and strength or a golf player trying to add extra yards on your swing. I am looking for athletes who want to be the best. If that’s you then I’m your guy!

Nutrition Guidance

Getting healthy means eating healthy too.


  • Food Log Consultations.
  • Customized Meal Plans.
  • Private or Group Education Seminars.
  • My Personal Recipe Menu for healthier meals.
  • Food Assignments for Education.

A major concern with our society is how easy it is to go down the road of unhealthy eating. So many foods in our country are high in fat, sugar and sodium. People are making all of the wrong choices for their body because of a lack of understanding. Another concern: fad diets. Personally I hate them! There is no diet, pill or miracle drink that will give you the best possible nutrition your body needs.

I will personally sit down with you and go over food logs to help teach you the best food options for your body. I believe in eating balanced and healthy foods. I do this by helping plan your meals while showing proper portion control and nutrition timing as well as making the correct choices!

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