Fit Kidz for Fun

Fit Kidz for Fun presented by Cortiz Fitness LLC.

Personal Training

I provide you with the motivation you need to start a workout program and stick to it!

Total Body Training

Build muscle and lose fat with a customized training just for you. Learn proper nutrition with planned meals and how to properly train.

MMA Kickboxing

Learn techniques on punching, kicks, knees & elbows. Plus combinations and the art of your bodies movement.

Sports Conditioning

Stay maintained or be ready for any event or tryout with strength and agility training focusing on your sport.

Nutrition Guidance

Learn basic nutrition and how to plan out your meals. Plus find out about the science behind Carbs, Proteins and Fats.

Kids Fitness

Cortiz Fitness offers Orange County Public Schools a unique sports, fitness and activities program for spring, fall and summer.


Kids will participate in activities geared towards fun first. They likely won't even realize they're exercising.


Exciting games and challenges such as potato sack races and obstacle courses.


Sports are great way to teach children how to in a team. They'll play soccer, basketball and more!


Above all we strive to make sure kids have a great time while they learn.

See The Results


Once Jamie was able to ‪‎trust‬ and believe in herself, she started to trust me. And that’s when the ‪‎transformation‬ really started taking place. She followed every meal plan and ‪assignment‬ I gave her. Anything I asked her to do she was ‪determined‬ to ‪conquer‬.


She found Cortiz Fitness and quickly began her transformation process. She packed her food, ate the meals and worked out at home. She also got her kids involved and now the whole household is active! Not only did she transform herself physically, but her family lifestyle as well!


Thomas was over 300 lbs when he decided to change his life. Sleep apnea & poor health were taking the quality out of his life. One day he decided to take action with cardio exercise and healthy eating… and then he found Cortiz Fitness!


Edwin was out of shape and found his weight out of control. He went through hard tough training to lower his weight and body fat. He worked out with me twice per week and would ride his bike to extreme miles on his cardio days.


He came to me out of shape and was looking to learn different routines. He’s done incredible. He loves to do his pushups every morning and go on his routine walks.


She has reached 40lb weight loss and has been one of the most determined clients I’ve ever had! She gives me nothing but 150% during every workout! She’s more confident than ever during our sessions.