Youth Sports and Fitness

We are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of today’s youth. We want to spark their interest in sports and fitness activities in an effort for them to live a more active, fulfilling and successful life.

Kids Fitness & Challenges

Whether they are playing tug-o-war, playing fun games or doing pushups, they will love it!

Our After School Fit kids for fun program is designed to help any child discover their talents and love being active. We start each class with our fun fitness portion where kids go through fun activities such as obstacle courses, team challenges, fitness games, active games and our newly created signature games.

After fitness we follow with brief snack and water break where we encourage kids to bring in the snack of week.

Our sports side is then next where kids learn and try a different sport each class so they can find something they love. All sports are rotated every week. Sports such as soccer, flag football, volleyball, basketball, whiffle ball, track, pool noodle hockey and others your child will learn and play. This is awesome for kids to try everything and find something they'll enjoy.

We strive ourselves to implement a quality program for your child. Taking our program hit child will improve overall fitness levels, sports agility, sports performance, teamwork, patience, leadership, sportsmanship and Discipline. We hope to see your child enjoying every minute of it.


  • Youth exercise
  • Hula Hoops
  • Kids fun fitness challenges
  • Fitness education terms
  • Fitness team challenges
  • Obstacle courses

The fitness portion of the Cortiz Fitness Kids Camp is geared towards fun first; teaching kids how to be active while having fun doing it will ensure that they continue to be active and therefore develop a healthier lifestyle indefinitely.

The children will almost not even realize that they are learning valuable life skills as well as the names and proper execution of different fitness movements and exercises.They will also play a bunch of fitness challenge games and do obstacle corses.

Sports & Skill Development

While playing sports we use team development drills to help children understand the importance of teamwork and its endless possibilities.


  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Baseball and Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Kids Youth Olympics

Playing team sports at a young age benefits children’s development of character in so many ways; motivation, sharing, discipline, sportsmanship, work ethic and commitment are just a few.

By offering children the opportunity to experience several different sports, FIT KIDZ 4 FUN participants may show a special aptitude and/or passion for a specific sport, which Cortiz Fitness coaches are then equipped to help parents find the proper extracurricular program for that child; again ensuring the continued active lifestyle beyond the conclusion of the program.

Schools & Program Dates

Cortiz Fitness currently runs camp at the schools below. Contact us

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Note: a 14 day cancellation notice is required to stop monthly payments. Monthly payments are withdrawn on the 5th of every month. For kids enrolled for the semester or year. If your child doesn't like our class for whatever reason you have until just after the 3rd class to cancel for a refund. Please call 407-777-4903 for any questions or concerns.



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