My Top Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Don’t make excuses.

No matter how busy you are or how hectic your life gets, there is always time for your body even if it is for 5 minutes!

Stay motivated at all times.

Do whatever you can possible to keep yourself motivated. Some ways you can do this is: Getting a trainer, setting goals for yourself or join fitness classes!

Eat a well balanced nutrition diet.

This by far is the hardest for people to accomplish.. There are so many places with quick and easy access to unhealthy foods that people take the easy way out! If you want results it doesn’t come easy. Grab the fresh foods and cook your own meals. You control what goes into your body not anybody else!

Exercise regularly.

If you want a nice healthy looking body you’re going to have to exercise. Exercising not only makes you look great but you will feel great and lower many health risk factors! This includes all aspects of exercise cardio, resistance training, stretching and all other forms of workouts!


Ask questions to those with knowledge of food or exercise, ask those who have succeeded such as personal trainers and learn from them. If you are taking supplements, know what the product does before you take it and always practice perfect form when using weights to prevent injury.

Don’t be AFRAID

This can possibly be a life changing experience. There will be times where your body will hurt and ache. This is normal. Do not let it scare you away from your ultimate goal.

Do Not Give Up

This is probably my biggest advice… Anybody who knows me or has gone through my program knows there is no way I will let you give up. Most people give up right away because they may not see the super fast results seen on TV! Do not pay attention to what you see on TV just believe in yourself and be patient. If you are doing everything right, trust me the results will be delivered.