End of Year Weight Loss Transformations!

As the holidays quickly approach, we’d like to celebrate the addition of three new members to our “Before and After” weight loss transformation blog. Join us in congratulating Jamie, Jennifer and Thomas for putting so much hard work and effort into what is sure to become one of our best weight loss transformation years ever!


Jamie Weight Loss Transformation

Jamie is one of my favorite‬, inspirational transformations since I started personal training. The reason for this is because when I got Jamie she was very ‪‎insecure‬, ‪‎shy‬, and completely did not believe in herself. Sometimes as a trainer, the most important part of a transformation is to pay attention to more than just the persons ‪physical‬ attributes. With Jamie I helped her to build ‪confidence mentally‬,‬ and to realize she was capable of absolutely anything.

Once Jamie was able to ‪‎trust‬ and believe in herself, she started to trust me. And that’s when the ‪‎transformation‬ really started taking place. She followed every meal plan and ‪assignment‬ I gave her. Anything I asked her to do she was ‪determined‬ to ‪conquer‬.

As you can see she’s obviously changed physically. Next week she is going for her 100 lb total loss weigh-in in hopes of reaching her ‪goal‬ by ‪Christmas‬. She is truly a life changing transformation!

Congrats Jamie! You’re an inspiration to us all!


Jennifer Weight Loss Transformation

Jennifer came to me extremely unhealthy. She was a heavy smoker, ate 1 meal a day and was very inactive. But most importantly she never took time for herself. She decided one day to start working on herself and change.

She found Cortiz Fitness and quickly began her transformation process. She packed her food, ate the meals and worked out at home. She also got her kids involved and now the whole household is active! Not only did she transform herself physically, but her family lifestyle as well!

Congrats Jennifer! I’m so proud of your life transformation!


Thomas Weight Loss Transformation

Thomas was over 300 lbs when he decided to change his life. Sleep apnea & poor health were taking the quality out of his life. One day he decided to take action with cardio exercise and healthy eating… and then he found Cortiz Fitness!

Thomas couldn’t do more than 5 push ups on his first day. He could barely lift 25 lbs for any form of exercise. And just after 11 minutes, I found him passed out in the bathroom! That day was scary… but Thomas said, “I promise this will all get better, don’t worry.”

Thomas kept that promise to himself. One year later, he has maxed out every machine in the gym and is up to 100 lb dumb bells with most exercises! He’s proven to be one of the strongest of my transformation clients. He is in the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!!

Congrats Thomas! Thanks for never giving up!