2022 Summer Camp Themes!

Fit Kidz for Fun 2022 Summer Camp Themes!



The themes will rotate throughout the summer, so check with your location to know which week certain themes are.  We love getting creative with our games and crafts to match the theme so please, join in the fun by dressing up and being creative with us!



Kids will be grouped by different countries. They will learn about them and compete all week long for points in fun events based off of the summer and winter Olympic games. Each camper will win either a gold, silver, or bronze medal for their country at our closing ceremony on Thursday afternoon. Hockey, basketball, weight-lifting (pool noodles) and track and field events are some of the Olympic game highlights!

Sport of the Week: Olympic sports

It’s a Mystery

Calling all detectives! Collect clues, solve crimes, find long lost artifacts, uncover buried treasure, unlock escape rooms and compete in scavenger hunts in this fun filled week! This theme was a kid’s choice and popular favorite the past few years.

Sport of the Week: Volleyball

Harry Potter 

Calling all wizards! This is one of our newest themes based off of the ever popular Harry Potter! The week starts with the Sorting Hat placing campers into their house. Amazing arts and crafts such as potions and making their own spells. Kids learn about the Wizarding World and how to become an active wizard.

Sport of the Week: Soccer

Our Kidz Have Talent

It’s time to show off your child’s talent! Everyone has a hidden talent and we will discover it. Your child chooses, dance, drama, singing or a talent of their choice to practice.

Parents are invited to witness an amazing performance by the kids and coaches.

Sport of the Week: Megaball (Cortiz Fitness’ most popular featured game which combines soccer, basketball and football all-in-one.)

Superheroes vs Villains

Kids become their own Superhero by creating, designing, and acting out their superhero powers all week. It’s superheroes vs villains in an all week battle of fun activities with this theme.  Kids will also learn what a real superhero is and should be. Kids will love this week! Campers dress up as their heroes!

Sport of the Week: Kickball

American Ninja Warrior (New Theme for 2022)

Campers will be challenged throughout this week to show their strength and commitment to overcoming obstacles. As campers complete challenges and win for their groups they will move on to the next rounds. 

We are excited to see who our first American Ninja Warrior winners will be for our Fit Kidz for Fun Summer 2022!

Sport of the Week: TBD


Join us for Kids Rock Survivor week. Kids, with their tribe, will compete in obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, and other reward challenges similar to those seen on the hit TV show “Survivor”. Don’t worry, campers will not be voted off the island.

Sport of the Week: Hand Tennis

Battle of the Games

Our newly created Kids ACTIVE video game theme. Here we use the characters and dance moves to make a creative, one of a kind fitness challenge. Kids will bring the ever so popular video games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Super Mario, Pokemon and much more alive!

Sport of the Week: Baseball

Masterchef Junior 

Ready to take on Gordan Ramsey and learn what it takes to be a Masterchef? Cortiz Fitness gets creative and brings the theme of Masterchef Junior to life for this week. Kids learn creative healthy meals to make while learning to live an active lifestyle. Enjoy camp food tastings, race the clock and tackle the judges. Welcome to Masterchef Junior summer camp style.

Sport of the Week: Team Sport Challenges

Prom Night Carnival (New Theme for 2022)

This new and exciting theme will have kids working on different carnival games and challenges.  Kids should come dressed up during the week ready to party while completing these activities.  

Sport of the Week: Field Day Games

Calvary (Winter Park) Registration

John Young Elementary School (Hunters Creek) Registration

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